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Save the Date


Photo Credit: Jim Maciel

Congratulations to the 2024 Northeast Pet and Handler

Pet: Pup Dagger

Handler: Saz


We at the Northeast Pet and Handler contest stand in solidarity with The Black Lives Matter movement and add our voice to the people calling for an end to racism and injustice.
NEPAH will never tolerate racism, oppression, profiling, speech and behaviors contribute to the oppression, marginalization, and endangerment of Black Lives.
NEPAH supports all of those in the community that are taking up the fight to end institutional racism and oppression in our society.
We commit to making safe and affirming places for our community to learn and grow from each other.
NEPAH will continue our mission to educate, be a voice, and give a platform to ensure that change happens and bring forth a society where #BlackLivesMatter

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