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NEPAH Scoring Guidelines


The scoring is based on a 1000 point system. Each contestant is judged individually and not as a pair.

For all contestants competing as pets, the best score out of 1000 will be declared the winner of the Northeast Pet title. For all contestants competing as handlers, the best score out of 1000 will be  declared the winner of the Northeast Handler title. In the event that no contestant scores 75% of points or better, there will not be a winner for that title. In case of a tie, the Head Judge will determine the winner. An Olympic style scoring system in which the high and low scores for each category are thrown out may or may not be used; the Producers will make that determination prior to the beginning of the contest and announce it at the Judges and contestants meetings on Friday afternoon. The categories are as follows:

Fundraising -(maximum 100 points)

Each contestant will be required to sell raffle tickets on Friday, October 6th 2023 during the Meet & Greet. The contestants will each receive 2 points for each percent of the total earnings for their respective title, not to exceed 100 points per contestant. The calculation will be performed by the Tallymaster. Contestants may not buy raffle tickets from themselves and may not add money to increase their total amount earned.

Interview -(maximum 300 points)

Each contestant will participate in a private interview to answer questions about the contestant's

interest in pet play, fetishes, knowledge, willingness and ability to represent the title, as well as any additional questions the Judges desire to ask in order to better know, understand, or evaluate the contestant. The interview is expected to last for approximately 20 minutes, but the length will ultimately be determined by the Head Judge with consideration for the time available and number of contestants. Numbers will be drawn to establish the order of interviews. The Head Judge will establish the order of questions and moderate the session. Attire is pet/handler casual -wear pup (or handler) gear that you feel best represents you and your personality, but it should not be the same outfit that is worn during another part of the contest. If you wear a hood, remember to remove it before the interview begins.

One aspect of the interview will be an explanation of pet play. The winners chosen as Northeast Pet and Handler will be representing the pet and handler community at numerous events that may or may not be familiar with the pet and handler community or the concept of pet play. Things like pet gear, headspace, and what being a pet means to each individual pet can be very foreign to someone who has had no previous interaction with a pet. As such it is important that they are able to explain pet play to someone who has no idea what the pet and handler community is all about.

Introduction/Pop Question -(maximum 75 points)

Each individual contestant will appear onstage and is encouraged to dress to project their pet or handler look; it can be their favorite pet gear, leather, rubber, or whatever they enjoy. Each contestant will introduce themselves to the audience and briefly describe their background or interest in the pet and handler community. Then each contestant will answer two questions onstage, asked by one of the Judges. Judging in this category is based on how well you can command the audience's attention, creativity and overall playfulness of your response to the questions. The onstage introduction and answer to the Judge's question is to be no longer than four minutes.

Each contestant will Lifestyle Image - (maximum 225 points)

Judges will observe all contestants during the course of the event weekend. Judging officially begins once contestants arrive on the property, Friday. Based on their observations, Judges will award Lifestyle Image points with regard to how each contestant behaves and interacts as a pet or handler, as well as how they carry themselves as a potential representative of the pet and handler community throughout the entire weekend. During the Meet & Greet on Friday evening, the Judges will be watching to see how the contestants interact and handle themselves as representatives of the pet and handler community, as well as the contestants' ability to have casual but intentional conversations in a bar setting. Each contestant should make a point to spend at least a few minutes speaking with each Judge during that time. The Judges will also be observing the pup mosh on Saturday. While part of the Judges' scores will be related to believability and how each contestant behaves as a pet or handler, they will also be looking to see how well each contestant acts as a representative and ambassador for the pet and handler community.

The scoring for this segment will conclude with the On Stage Speech segment of the contest. At that time scores need to be entered on the appropriate score sheets for each contestant and turned into the Tally Staff.

Show Presentation - (maximum 150 points)

Pet contestants will appear onstage while performing a pet play scene that they have written. The scene can be read by the emcee, if requested by the contestant. Judging in this category is based on the contestant's creativity and ability to convey a scene that demonstrates an important aspect of their personality. The scene could be playful, erotic, comic, romantic, etc. but must express an important aspect of the pet's personality. Pet contestants competing as part of a pair are encouraged to include their handler in the scene, however the handler will not be scored or Judged for this portion of the contest. All pet contestants may involve other pets/handlers/owners or request a volunteer staff member to help; the number of additional people involved is not to exceed two. Props may be used, but must be approved by the Producers for safety and compliance with the law. The Pet Scene cannot exceed five (5) minutes in length. (NOTE: The fantasy is to be typed, using a maximum 150 words, and must be submitted to the Producers by the application deadline.)

Each handler contestant will be paired with a pet or a pet contestant of their choosing. Handlers that have chosen to compete as a pair with a pet will work with that pet. Handlers not competing as part of a pair may opt to bring a pet to compete with for this portion of the contest, or they can choose to be paired with a pet contestant (or one of a few non-contestant pets that the Producers will make available) of their choosing and mutual consent. Each pet may only perform in the segment once. The pairs will enter the stage and perform a preset routine comprised of tasks, goals, or tricks. This routine will be established by the Head Judge and Producers and will be given to each contestant prior to the interview segment beginning. This category is intended to show the dynamics of how well the Handler and Pet are able to work as a team.

On Stage Speech - (maximum 150 points)

The contestants will prepare and deliver a speech. The speech can be of any topic the contestant wishes, but must be recited from memory and not read. The Judges will be awarding points on both speech content as well as comfort of speech delivery. The speech should be between 90 seconds and two minutes. Each speech will be timed and the Judges will be informed of the timing recorded after each speech. Points will be deducted for speeches under as well as over time.

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