The Northeast Puppy & Handler Contest (NEPAH) is meant to be the pinnacle of the human-pet play community for the Northeast Region. The contest, its producers, titleholders, and staff lead as an example of what it is to be of service to the alternative lifestyle community for the Northeast region and beyond.

The Northeast Pup and Handler Contest is an official feeder organization to the International Pup and Trainer Contest (IPTC)  NEPAH contest winners are expected to compete to represent the Northeast U.S. Region at the next available IPTC contest.

NEPAH2022 Winners_edited_edited.jpg

2022 Pup and Handler

Pup Bandit

Handler Raptor

2018 Puppy_edited.jpg

2018 Puppy

2020 NEPAH Winners.jpg

2020/21 Pup and Handler

Pup Kenzo

Handler Johnny

2019 NEPAH Winners.jpg

2019 Pup and Handler

Pup Sirius

Handler Sir Joseph

2017 NEPAH Winners.jpg

2017 Pup and Handler

Pup Yeah Yeah

No Handler for 2018

Pup Vidhra

Handler Damien