Hey Pups/Pets and Handlers! We know it’s been a tough year with the Pandemic, so we’d like to help by offering an extra incentive for those finding it hard to run for the 2022 NEPAH title. For the first 3 Pup/Pets and the first 3 Handlers, you will receive $200 Cash and a Gift basket from Puppy Pride for competing.

To qualify:

(1) you must submit your full application online, including your photos here

(2) You must attend and participate in the required activities of the contestant, including the final winner announcement and get a minimum of 500 (out of 1000) points total score.

Cash Prize & Gift Basket will be given after the contest winners are announced

2022 Northeast Puppy & Handler Contest Application

** Please note Covid restrictions are in place and mandated for NYC - All Contestants will need to provide proof of full vaccination status (Card or Picture of Card) with a valid picture ID for entry and to compete in the Contest.

Title Competing for
Do you require a translator/ASL interperter

* All Contestants must have a telegram messenger account

Have you ever been arrested, Indicted,or convicted of a felony or any criminal charge, If yes please explain
Have you ever appeared in a pornographic photo, film, video. This includes Personal Social Media that are explicit in nature and publically available) If yes, please explain
Upload a Current Photo #1
Upload a Current Photo #2

Thanks for submitting! Expect to receive further information within 72 hours