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Hey Pets and Handlers! Are you ready for a fun weekend of Pet Play?  Looking to explore what your inner pup is like and challenge yourself while making many new friends and bonding with the other contestants?  Apply now to compete to become the 2023 Northeast Pet or Handler.  Whether chosen or not, the weekend will be one that you will take with you for a lifetime.   We look forward to welcoming you to the Class of 2023 and helping you explore the role that pet play has in your life.

2023 Northeast Puppy & Handler Contest Application
Title Competing for
Do you require a translator/ASL interperter

* All Contestants must have a telegram messenger account

Have you ever been arrested, Indicted,or convicted of a felony or any criminal charge, If yes please explain
Have you ever appeared in a licensed pornographic photo, film, video.
Upload a Current Photo #1
Upload a Current Photo #2

Thanks for submitting! Expect to receive further information within 72 hours

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